Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Development : Sketchbook progress and Photo manipulations with limbs

It's been a while since I've posted much on this project blog but it's because I've been busy doing work for the project. Had a month long illness which didn't help much and slowed me down for a little while. But I have been documenting everything a long the way as well but not had much chance to do some blog posts.

The Critique we had on the 8/10/13 I felt went very well and that I seem to going in the right direction with my project. Theirs been so many ideas and media experiments I would like to try it's just been a case of trying them out and seeing which is more successful.

Went back and did some more flower and leave experiments for my development sketchbook. So far the petals have retained their colour so it seems using the microwave has been successful in preserving materials. 

 I have began a development sketchbook so that I can organise my thoughts and ideas a lot more constructively. I enjoy doing sketchbooks because their like self made reference for my project and to have at hand at any time and help my thought process.

I have printed out the most appealing tree photography that was done from previous blog posts and seeing the results printed on photo paper is very positive. It's helped be able to structure the sketchbook and show what I'm trying to portray visually with this project. I've also included planning and my storyboards about composition and how I'm combining the images of the branches and my limbs. As well as some more surreal illustrations of anthropomorphic trees and the human figure.

The reason's behind these sketches relates back to childhood imagery of trees and beings that may live in forests and could be in fairy tales and myths. I would like to explore these drawings further with different media and introduce colour.

Eventually I would like to create maybe one or a couple of simple picture books that have different body parts and tree parts on flaps that the viewer could mix and match together. Probably with the illustrations above or with the photography. But make them in a contemporary sense for this project but with the influence of childhood. Like the example below.

I've also been adding a lot more to my research sketchbook.

As a experiment I tried out some different manipulations using Photoshop to see how my arms and tree branches would look added together or brought in on their own to the environment. I cropped out some of the images of my arms and added them to tree's to create branches.

Texture and the light and contrasts have been tried out as well as the compositions of the arms on the branches to the desired effect. I feel it has worked quite successfully and would like to continue trying some more of these out. The arms ended up being quite subtle in the images them selves and some times not noticeable which was a interesting outcome and these images could be possible prints for display.

I've also been discussing the notion of recording footage and sound of trees and in forests and recording my arms and body. I have been recording some footage but will have to look at it more closely and see how successful they will be. Ideally would like to try contrasting or overlaying footage of branches and limbs but with opposing sounds of trees blowing in the wind or creaking but with footage of limbs and body and vice versa.

I'm also going to be doing a photo shoot shortly and projecting the tree images on to my body and seeing if this will be successful or not as well as recording some footage. Will continue with sketchbooks on the side as well and began to think about final pieces for assessment.

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