Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tree art and inspiration

Found a lot of interesting and inspiring examples of Tree art and the human form as I've been researching and thought I should include some examples as a type of mood blog for the project. Been looking into so many different ways trees are used visually in sculpture, photography, ritual and as art pieces. It's helping me decide and push the project in the type of directions concerning the human form and the aura trees have.

It's gave me a better understanding of how trees influence us and how we engage with them and also how important they can be. Trees seem to create such a strong presence and have different auras surrounding them and a lot going on for them to thrive and survive. Their constantly growing and competing for sunlight and rain so they can produce food and nutrients as well as buds. These then can start new life cycles and germinate the female and male buds to create new trees and ensure new growths of the same type of trees. They provide shelter from the sun and home to many animals and insects as well producing endless resources for humans. Especially as tools in the art world since we use paper as usually a starting point and resin and latex also come in forms from trees as well.

Feel positive using the trees and natural materials as a theme and very inspiring about and our relationship with them creatively. 

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