Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Development : Another photo and film session in the woods

Sadly and somehow more  recently I have been finding my depression has came back for the past couple of days and it has made everyday activities and commitments more difficult. Sometimes facing people and going into busy environments is to stressful for my anxiety to cope. I was attending therapy at the start of the semester at university but I'm just starting to adjust not having sessions. 

One of the these days however had good weather and I decided to take my camera up to the local park again to take more photographs for my project. It also gave me some time to reflect and myself some space and do something constructive instead of letting the depression take over. I also wanted to capture some single trees in better weather since they seemed to be more successful for the projection shoots. Also I shot some footage and got some good movement of the trees and leaves blowing in the wind. It's made me be able to study the movement and choreography of trees as a whole and how I may transfer that to the human form.

I also found a trail in the forest that hadn't been used much at all and it led to a little exciting adventure for myself. Finding fauna and lots of conkers and parts of the wood that hadn't been disturbed by people for some time. A tree had fallen over the on to the path as well and I guess not many people would want to walk their dogs or risk the height of the path.

The path was also covered in branches and conkers so I collected a lot of them to possible use for more media tests in the studio.

I've already started to cover some of the branches in Modroc which I'm hoping to possibly use for display for assessment if it is successful. I may try to cast some in resin as well since the branches worked more successfully.

Taking that walk in the forest on my own made me feel a lot better even if it was for a short period of time which in a way shows how positive nature must be for me. It was also constructive since I was able to get more successful images for photo manipulation as well as for the next projection photo shoot.

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