Friday, 29 November 2013

Development : Flipbook progress and Assessment space

Nearing the last few days before Assessment I went to the library to bind my images into the flip book. The library staff were very kind and helpful in showing me how to bind a book. Sadly the lady who apparently knew the most about book binding was on holiday but other members of staff stood in to give me a hand. They were concerned about my prints and that they might be damaged by accident and hesitant to do it. Their was an issue that they it might not be able to cut through the card or cut the holes in the right places. I took the plunge and did it myself and learnt how to use the binding machine which wasn't to difficult.

Was so pleased of my little book and having it finally bound and found it really interesting just picking it up and playing around with all the different image combinations. I wanted it to be an interactive piece for the viewer and think it's worked quite successfully.

At the same time I began to set up my assessment space I didn't have access to a television or a DVD player. I ended up looking for them at Tayside recycling centre where I got a DVD player and in shops in town. Eventually I managed to get a small compact television as well to be able to display my piece on a loop. Made a copy of the piece onto a DVD and then a copy for the show reel, I tried out the DVD at home and it worked great was really exciting to see it working.

I painted my area to look a lot cleaner and set up my table.

I also put a lot of my extra prints that weren't used for the flip book and were also portrait instead of landscape.

Wrote out my Artist statement including listing the collaborative work done this semester with fellow classmates. Instructions also to work the television and DVD player just in case. I had did quite a lot of media experiments over the course of the project and a lot of my research was material based. So I've added them for development and display purposes in the space. 

The branches under the table legs are supposed to represent roots and I would like to possibly take the media experiments further for another project. All I need to do now is add my sketchbooks to the space and that will be it completed for assessment. I will post my final pieces on here shortly as well as  links to collaborative projects I worked on.

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