Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Development : Edited photography images and projector test

Looking over what photography I had already achieved decided to try editing some of the photo graphs from the projector photo shoot. They have been cropped and made more abstract a lot like the first photography experiments in the woods with my arms which is here. Other effects have been added as well such as some contrast and brightness but not a lot since the images are so busy and defined with the background shadow and body.

I've also did quite bold photo manipulations with the autumn pictures and the projection pictures by bringing them straight across each other. To create a miss match of images of the body and the trees them selves. I guess this is what the type of flap book's I would like to create will look a lot like but perhaps more simple images. The images had to be scaled and stretched to a degree to make them match up with their outlines which I think has been quite successful.

Will try to make more of these types of images possibly even drawing them and using the original tree images from the first projection session. As for my final piece I may not have to use footage but instead images with opposing sounds on top but we shall see.

I also did some tests with a home projector to try to see if we could get rid of the shadow outline of my form on the projected images. It seems their is a way to do it by placing the camera on top of the projector or making it parallel with the projected image seems to make the appearance of the shadow very little. Also If the projector might be a certain distance or height from my form it seems to help with this as well.

I'll be getting back into the studio again tomorrow to try this method out with more images and try out some of the new body movements I have considered thanks to looking at film and choreography. This new session has been delayed sadly due to tutorial classes in the same space, availability of help which I don't blame because everyone is busy and sadly my depression. I feel a little more hopeful that tomorrows new photo session should go well after my elective module class.

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