Friday, 22 November 2013

Development : Successful photoshoot and reflection of tutorials and capturing sound (Warning nudity)

After figuring out how to do the projections on my body without shadow I jumped into another studio to retry this method. I had the help of my classmate Sarah Smart to take photographs while I posed being more aware of my body movements and placement of my limbs. She had to hold the camera right above and placed on the projector to make sure their was no shadows behind me. I helped direct her and let her know what I wanted to achieve for composition and edited the photographs from the last photo shoot in the woods as well as some trees used in the first session of using my body.

The images ended up becoming very vivid in color through the projections and the color palette ended up being much more varied. I experimented with other body language and movement after feeling more confident and comfortable for another photo shoot as well as the research into choregraphy.

This photo session ended up being really key into furthering my project and helping my confidence about the theme and imagery. Getting a huge variety of different photographs has given me a lot to work with and narrow down all the different body experimentation I wanted to try out for this part of the project. I've edited these images and have sent the files away off to be printed which hopefully should arrive soon.

I want to make the prints of these into the type of flip books I planned to create and get them binded in the university library. I've also took short film clips of this session with projected video over my body to see how it looked and if worked together. Also been experimenting with the footage I've collected in the woods and of my body in Final Cut Pro.

Recently had my last open Tutorial with Janice Aitken and felt her input would be very useful because had the perspective of a painter and use's the human form in her work. Her session was very positive and she gave me strong advice on my images especially the ones were I had mixed the trees and my body together.
She also recommended I try to use a contact microphone for the sound recordings I eventually wanted to achieve.
Her mentioning this made me come up with the idea of wanting to record the inner workings of my body such as my breathing and bodily fluids but also to try the same idea in the woods. And I would like to try the same with trees and record possible noises inside them.

This also inspired the ideas I've had with Pernille and how from her perception the tree's on my body look like veins and organic matter. Which makes the relationship with the body and the tree images with a much stronger connection and that it could work with the same kind of sound recordings.

Will continue to have to finish editing my contrasting film clips and add sound in after my contact Microphone arrives. I hope to have my prints shortly as well to create into the book and finish off my sketchbooks in time and begin to plan out my work for assessment.

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